Where To Get The Best Dessert In Mexico City

If you know us well, you know that we have a sweet tooth which makes it elementary for us to eat desserts. But where do we find the best desserts? Lucky for us, CDMX is a great place to find delicious dishes and these are our favorites. Do you want to know? Scroll and read our top 10.

Have you been to Jarrilla in Paisaje Pairán? This is an ultimate must, you can find your future favorite ingredients for your kitchen in there, but this is not the reason we adore it here. It’s because of the Canalés, you’ll be obsessed, believe us.

Scoop is for sure our favorite place to get yogurt ice cream, it’s light and they have the best toppings. We can never get enough of this, it is also our top gathering place with our besties.

Ella y Gatsby
If you love vegan desserts, and don’t know where to get them Ella y Gatsby is the best place to go. This is also one of our favorite coffee shops in La Roma, where you can sit and enjoy great coffee and cookies with your friends.

Ciena is a great option to have an incredible breakfast or coffee where you’ll find a great variety of sweet bread, each one better than the other. Our favorites? The scones, if you are a fan, this is the place to eat them.

La Vitrine
La Vitrine is another incredible place to eat delicious pastries, the typical ones you would find in Paris. But besides being exquisite they are a work of art. If you don't believe us, visit it, you can't miss it.

Hugo Wine Bar
Hugo Wine Bar is the place to go to for the best food, wine and cheese cake ever. It’s absolutely not like any other dessert, we assure you. If you love this dish this is the place for you.

Café Trucha
A small but exquisite restaurant in la Roma, where you will find the best cakes in the world. The restaurant isn’t only super aesthetic but it also has the best ingredients that make for the best recipes.

Cuarentena Baking
When you feel like eating something very sweet and delicious, there is only one place to go and that is the Cuarentena Baking corner in La Condesa. Cookies, brownies and slices of cake all lovingly created with delicious ingredients that will have you obsessed.

Lardo is a great spot to eat with your friends or have a great date. Here you’ll enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes and get to try the best hazelnut cake in the world. It’s crunchy and soft at the same time, we promise you’ll be obsessed with it.

Panaderia Rosetta
The most visited place in the CDXM is undoubtedly the Panadería Rosetta, but why is it so incredibly popular? Well, because it is undoubtedly the best bakery in the city. You can't miss the ice cream or the besos, they’re to die for.