Where To Get The Best Cocktails In Mexico City

Spring nights bring with them the perfect mood. Late night strolling, dinner with friends, and most of all they call for a great drink. Right? If you still don’t agree with that thought we promise that by the time you’re done reading this guide you will for sure agree with us. Here are some of our favorite spots to get the best cocktails in the city!

Felina Bar
A short walk away from Condesa’s nightlife scene, Felina is still one of the city's best kept secrets. The bar has a refined ambience but what really makes this place special is their bartender’s expertise. If you’re looking for an extensive list of liquors as well as the perfect Negroni or Manhattan, this is the place for you.

Baltra is the second child of Limantour’s creators except here the menu is shorter and the whole ambience is much more relaxed and informal. There are no hosts or servers, which may seem weird but it allows for the bartenders to have a much closer experience with the client. Apart from their usual menu they have all the seasonal drinks up on a chalkboard, if you’re lucky Mezcal Sazerac will be up on it when you visit.

Mezcaleria Mundana
If mezcal is your thing then this is the place to go to. Here you will find various kinds of mezcal from different states all around the country as well as different varieties, from tobalá and coyote to the harder‑to‑get tepextate and madre cuishe varieties. You can find straight mezcal served in their very own particular fashion or cocktails, so there’s something for everybody.

Fifty Mills
We’ve talked about this place before, but there’s a reason why it still makes the list in 2023. Their menu is split between 10 classics and 10 “newbies”, all created by their star bartenders. What we love about this place is that their delivery‑ no matter if it’s a classic or a newbie drink‑ is always perfect. If you do end up going, be sure to order one and one from the menu.

Parker and Lenox
This is a rather well known yet still secret speakeasy in Mexico City and if you swing to jazz then this is a place you’ll love! Their cocktail list is immaculate and perfectly executed by their bartenders and the whole place has a 1920’s vibe that we’re sure you’ll love. It’s important to say that to gain entry you don’t need to go through ritualistic whims like other speakeasy’s but since there’s no reservations and they host one of the City’s best Jazz nights, you do need to get there early.

Ololo means “reunion” in Mayan, and that is the whole concept surrounding this new speakeasy in la Condesa. Their gorgeous monochromatic space ‑all in orange‑ adds a certain coolness to the whole experience. Their whole menu is full of classics and fun surprises, but our favorite drink to order there has to be the Espresso Martini.

Ticuchi is one of the newest places in Polanco to go out for a drink. The ambience is perfect for a date or to bring friends from out of town. Their specialty are distilled agave products, so you can be sure of finding some of the best‑and rarest‑ tequilas and mezcales (among others) on the menu. As a huge plus, this bar has delicious tacos and entrees to share!