What Sneakers To Get Depending On Your Style

Sneakers are the new “it” accessory and will probably continue to be for a while, however not every sneaker is made for everyone. Some people might say that each sneaker has its own personality, and we believe that to be true. That’s why we put together a guide of what sneaker fits you best depending on your style.

If you’re interested in always being on trend while not giving up any comfort a sneaker might offer then you definitely are up for a treat with one of Prada’s most iconic sneakers ever. They come in a variety of shades and color combinations so it’s really up to you what you get!

If you’re into a good classic then you probably already know about the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66’s. We love this special edition of Asics sneakers and the variety of colors they come in. If you’re really into keeping it classic then stick to yellow or some stand out color so that those tiger lines really show off.

Street Style
These sneakers have trickled down into the street style part of the equation for a couple of years now. The versatility they offer makes up for a great pairing for any fashion week worthy outfit. We love the variety of colors and we love seeing something bold unfold!

If minimalistic style is more your mood then you can’t go wrong with a classic that you surely already have in your closet‑ and if you don’t run and get them! The Converse High Tops are a cult classic that we recommend you get in cream and black if you want to stick to minimalistic shadess, but if you’re feeling a tad bit bold you can get olive green or a special edition with a cool print!

Another cult classic‑ and it’s been that way for a while‑ that everyone loves. Even though these are sleek and classic we categorized them under this style for the variety of colors and textures that make the Samba one of the boldest and funnest sneakers out there.

If you’re looking for something more sleek and feminine, then YSL’s Court Classics are for you. These sneakers are the perfect pair for pretty much any look. Jeans, skirts, dresses, cargo pants… you name it, chances are these shoes can tie the outfit out perfectly.

If your style is on the edgier side, then the ASICS Gel‑1130 are the sneaker meant for you. The best part? They’re unisex so if your S.O. has them just go right ahead if they fit. Jokes aside, these sneakers give that quirky yet cool feeling that will add an edge to any look.