Under The Radar Vacations Spots in Mexico

Tulum. Cabo. Puerto Escondido. We get it‑ all of these spots are incredible destinations full of entertainment and beauty, but what happens if you want to explore some less known or undiscovered spots? What if you want to visit some place that doesn’t feel like Spring Break all year round? Or if you simply don’t want to be surrounded by tourists all the time?
We’ve got you covered with our favorite under‑the‑radar destinations in Mexico.

Todos Santos
Todos Santos, a vibrant and active town was initially founded as a Mission in 1724. Later, it became a major sugar‑cane producer but it has long been special. The perfect destination for whale watching and a foodie destination thanks to the fishermen that provide the restaurants with fresh seafood daily. The ecology of this oasis, and the magnificent Sierra Laguna mountains, are just a couple of the most attractive assets of Todos Santos.

Colomitos is secretly famous for being the smallest beach in all of Mexico. It's a beach so hidden that you can only get there by hiking or by boat, once there you will enjoy turquoise green waters a little strand of beach and -quite likely- peace and quiet. You can swim and snorkel to appreciate some colorful fish, manta rays or sea stars. One of the locals' best kept secrets.

San Pancho
San Pancho’s long, pristine beach is known as a turtle sanctuary & surf destination, but it's also famous for its epic sunsets. The south end of the beach acts as a barrier to a small river and creates a lagoon, making it an extremely beautiful addition to the beach which has become a bird sanctuary. And if you still need extra motivation the jungle view it is therefore a great spot to take photos.

Balandra Beach is famous for its white sand beaches and for being one of the few places preserved from commercialism, in two words this is a natural paradise. Besides the boats and yachts parked out in the waterfront, Balandra appears untouched. Get there early (before 9 am) to enjoy the beach and the views before people start arriving. There are no restaurants in Balandra so be sure to bring enough water and food for the day. Also, watch out for stingrays!

Carrizalillo is known for its crystal clear and calm water, so it's quite famous as the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming. If you're in the mood for a little adventure though, you can venture a bit outside the bay and catch some pretty sick waves too. There are a couple restaurants there with their typical palapas where you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

Isla Contoy
If you choose to visit Isla Contoy you’ll have the unique opportunity to be one of the 200 tourists allowed to visit each day. The only way to get there is by boat but the ride is worth it. Isla Contoy boasts white sand beaches, turquoise waters, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and a great diversity of sea life including marine turtles, manta rays and dolphins.

Las Animas
If you are looking for isolation, try Las Animas. Located just south of Puerto Vallarta and only accessible by boat this beach is clad with clear‑colored and fine sand, the water's clean, the waves soft and the surrounding nature astounding. Take a parasail tour and enjoy the impressive view from above, walk up and down the beach, or just lay down under one of the many parasols and relax with a beer or a margarita. Don’t forget to enjoy the local delicacies too, both from the land and from the sea, including the local shellfish and oysters.