Travel Destination Bucket List

Making a bucket list for travel destinations is a daunting feat when you consider that one can never be short on inspiring places and experiences available around the globe. However, we took the bull by the horns and decided to create our ultimate travel bucket list. This list is formed by classics and new, lesser known places as well. So keep reading to find out what our travel bucket list looks like!

Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Kenya has always been the most popular destination for Safari lovers, but it has so much more to offer beyond the Masai Mara. The Amboseli National Park is located further south, but it has the most stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and no shortage of animals to observe- minus the crowds of safari tourists. If what you’re looking for is an elegant, luxurious tented camp then the Angama Amboseli opening November 2023 is the option for you.

Western Japan
If you want to be seabound then the newest Ponant expedition cruise is for you, sail along Japan’s oldest sea route and explore fishing villages and art islands. If you’re looking for a more “big” city experience then Fukoka might be a good alternative to the well-known and bustling with crowds Tokyo. Enjoy this vibrant city and bask in its art scene and local cuisine.

Patagonia, Chile
The Chilean Patagonia is quite different to the Argentinian one, here the Andes meet the ocean and merge together to create beautiful archipelagos that become home for countless penguins and sea lions. Here you’ll get the chance to trek through the forest, surf, go bird watching, follow whales and penguins’ migratory paths and much more. If adventure is calling then Patagonia might just be the place to where it’s beckoning you.

Turks and Caicos
Turks and Caicos has long been a popular destination for guests who wish to retreat completely from the world and just bask in sunlight and enjoy la dolce vita. And now with new retreats opening in more secluded parts of the island this dream is more alive than ever. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay then Rock House with its private plunge pools, sleek Mediterranean style and privileged location is the option.

Galilee, Israel
This region has long been locally known as Israel’s very own Tuscany. And now, with all the new boutique hotels opening, international tourists are also discovering what the bountiful region has to offer. Sleep among vineyards, pair local wines with artisanal cheeses and locally grown produce. Visit Tiberias and walk their famous shores. We promise this trip would be nothing short of spectacular.

Melides, Portugal
This is one of the local’s favorite spots for summer, and now it’s Portugal’s newest beach spot to know. If sandy white beaches, pine forests and rice fields sound like something out of a dream for you then Melides checks out every single one of those. Here you can celebrate and appreciate Portuguese artisanship and design traditions, from the architecture to the shops and restaurants. We’re sure you’d love this buzzy destination.

Mustang, Nepal
For ages Nepal has been known as the backpacker and trekker heaven when it comes to the Himalayas. Tourists have long been drawn to this place because of its deep-rooted spirituality, endless adventure opportunities and the views of the Himalayas. Now, it’s also known for its upscale boutique hotels and their rare luxury experiences. The perfect destination for those who want both rare and luxurious.