The Ultimate Home Decor Guide

Decorating your new home‑ or redecorating an old one‑ from scratch is always fun, but a challenge nevertheless. Homes are for self expression, this is your safe place which is why it should resonate with you on different levels.
Starting can always seem like the biggest of tasks, because it’s never easy to define where to begin. With this guide, we hope to make your life easier while you fully embrace the interior designer within you. Here are some tips to make your home look and feel more aesthetic.

Home Decor 101
The First step in any endeavor is to understand clearly what one is looking for. In this case, you should be convinced of where you have landed stylewise. Are you a bohemian, a mid‑century modern or an eclectic soul? Once you find the answer to that we’re ready to go. The main concern here is to find a way in which you can fit this style all around the house while still letting each room have its own individual feeling, unity and harmony are key. It’s important that you understand that homes aren’t built in a day, so take your time and find pieces that actually resonate with you, instead of buying whatever you find first that you like. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors, textures and fabrics but be aware of the color scheme you want to follow for each room, but for the house as a whole as well. Now that you’ve had a brush‑up of the basics lets head out into each room.

Living Room
Living rooms are the core of any home. It’s one of the rooms where you, your family and your friends will spend most of the time in. It is also one of the first rooms anyone will see coming into your house, so needless to say it must be up to knotch. First you need to understand every room needs a focal point‑ be it a fireplace, a wall with bookshelves or eye‑catching art‑ and you build up the balance from that.
The perfect combination, more often than not, is a large sofa, two comfortable chairs and a coffee table that unifies the mix. Now all you need is to dress it up. Let’s talk about coffee tables. They often become the center of the room. A coffee table book with a theme that you love is always a great start. A vase‑ with or without flowers‑ adds texture and color into the mix. Candles bring comfort and coziness into the mix, as well as a sense of luxury. Anything you add from there is a plus, but remember less is more (depending on your style of course).

One of the best things about coming home is winding down in the shower‑ or if you’re lucky enough in a bathtub. Bathrooms, in our opinion, are truly the most personal and vulnerable place of the house so it needs to bring comfort and peace to your mind, body and soul. The best way to do this is by adding simple details that can bring the quality of your everyday experience way up. Our first tip is to give your skincare, hair and body products a stellar place so you can have a little corner where you can concentrate on giving yourself some love. Trays are a perfect way to put them out in a cute way; we love mirrored or marbled, but the choice is yours. Now we’re off to towels, they’re an important part of anyone’s day so it’s important to concentrate on quality over quantity. Bathrobes are also a nice and simple way to pamper yourself. And last but not least, candles. Nothing helps create a mood more than a candle or fragrance sticks, we advise you to choose wisely and stick to one scent that way you will create a signature home scent of some sort‑ fancy right?

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, then it needs to be spectacular, why? In addition to being the place where you connect with nature, it's one of the most visited spots by your guests. So basically, you need 2 key items: gardening and a place to sit and cozy up. Anything other than that, for example a fireplace, pizza oven, a bar etc, is only there to help play up the spot’s enchantment. Let's start with gardening: fruit trees are always a good idea, it’s also a cute idea to plant it yourself and watch it grow as your project and life do too. If life doesn’t give you lemons, plant some. 

You would think that the heart of every home is either the living room or the dining room, when in fact it is the kitchen. Haven’t you ever thought why it doesn’t matter how cool your other rooms are, everyone always hangs out in the kitchen? So, it needs to be cozy, comfortable and fabulous. But how can you give this room the perfect balance of functionality but with great aesthetic? First you need to take into account that you need space to cook, so we recommend you to have just a few accessories to give it the ultra homey feeling. For example a fruit bowl, cookbooks, very cool wooden bowls and a vase with or without plants.

Guest Bathroom
You know when you go to a restaurant and the bathroom is so cool, that you come back to the table and say “you have to see the bathroom”? That is what we’re looking for. And trust us, you don’t need to spend much to get that wow factor out of your guests. The list is quite simple: paint and/or wallpaper, decor, hand soap and cream and a good towel. As we said before, you must understand the space you’re working with, once you do the rest is just finding things you love. Decor must‑haves such as a vase and a piece of art to hang on the wall or lay around makes a huge difference. A good towel that matches your walls is a must as well. And just like that you have the wow factor.

This will be your sanctuary. So apart from choosing a style that represents you, you need a space that brings joy and relaxation into your life; a place where you can feel safe and actually wind down. This room needs balance, but it also needs to be a livable place so it doesn’t have to be picture perfect all the time‑ although we can assure you it can definitely bring peace to your life. Obviously, the centerpiece of any bedroom is the bed, but the way you accessorize it marks the difference. Play with colors and textures when it comes to bedding and throws, add a comfy sofa or a chair that makes a statement. Mirrors are always encouraged‑ you can put it next to your bed and a window for example‑ and an art piece or framed pictures you love always add to the mood. All in all, let us finish the way we started: this is your sanctuary.