The Best Places To Get Pizza In Mexico City

When it comes to this Italian classic it seems you might never go wrong, but as soon as you taste the perfect pizza you quickly realize that you actually can. And to avert that horrible feeling we decided to put together a list of the best places to get pizza in Mexico City. Ready to find out who made the cut and who didn’t?

Aura is a well kept secret in the heart of Polanco. Inside Orchid House you can find Aura, a small but beautiful spot where you can always count on getting a delicious pizza. Their menu is not extensive but everything on it is very well executed. Their margherita pizza is divine.

Pizzeria della Madonna
This is one you’ve probably heard about because it caused a lot of noise when it first opened. Created by Chef Marco Carboni this pizzeria reminisces of what a real deal pizzeria in Italy should be. Whatever pizza you choose off of his menu will certainly be amazing, but if you’re unsure as to what to order always go with the classics.

Milk Pizzeria
A well kept but not so secret spot in la Roma is Milk Pizzeria, a cozy spot inside a beautiful house. The pizza here is great but so are all the other options on their menu. If you’re feeling a little bit more hungry and you want something to start off with, their eggplant and zucchini chips are to die for.

Pizza Félix
Pizza Félix is one of those if you know you know places, hidden inside a corridor you can find a small restaurant where the pizza is incredible. And while the pizza is their main concern and it couldn’t get better it would be unfair to classify Pizza Félix as only a pizzeria since their pastas and appetizers are also to die for.

Fratelli La Bufala
Straight from Italy‑ quite literally‑ comes Fratelli la Bufala. This Napolitan chain of restaurants is extremely famous in Italy and there’s good reason why its Mexican chains are no exception. Their whole menu is full of real Italian recipes, but their pizzas are simply incredible. Just know that you can’t go wrong with anything you order here.

Forneria del Becco
Another place that has really earned its place on the list. 100% authentic recipes and ingredients all carefully selected. If what you want is to be wined and dined in a romantic and cozy environment then you’ve found the place. If you don’t want to go as far you can always visit their Polanco location.

One of our all time favorites has to be Lalo! Whether it’s for breakfast, brunch or lunch this place has so much to offer. But during lunch time they serve one of the best pizzas we’ve tried in this city. If you’re around la Roma then you can’t miss out on Lalo’s pizza.