Simple Tips To Enjoy Being A Bride

Getting married is a beautiful thing and a day every little girl dreams of, but let’s be honest, it’s quite a lot of pressure too. It’s only natural for the only thing you want for your wedding day is for it to be as amazing as can be. Here are 10 fool‑proof steps to be the perfect bride we all strive to be and to enjoy it to the fullest.

Plan Ahead With Your Photographer
Your photographer may be a pro but he may not know exactly what you want and what memories you for sure want captured. A good way to prevent not having important moments captured by him or her is to make a list and share it with them so they can plan properly. This is also a good time to show them the type of picture you’re after or the angles you like the best!

Find Someone You Trust
Inevitably you’ll need help on your wedding day, whether it’s your sister, your best friend or your mom. When the big day comes you don't want to feel in a rush or be tied up with handling calls coordinating suppliers on your wedding morning. If you need it, ask for help and let your wedding planner, mom or friend take care of these things. Remember you’ll be nervous enough and you should only concentrate on walking down the aisle. It’ll be the simple things sometimes like carrying your lipstick, helping to coordinate the photographs or holding your dress when you nip to the bathroom… Their job is to make your life easier no matter how small or big the deed.

Be Organized
There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. And while wedding dress shopping is for sure the most exciting, it takes time for most brides to find ‘the one’ and there are different things you’ll need to find like the perfect dress, or DJ, etc. Try your best to keep a handful of dates free so that you never have to overbook and over-stress yourself.

Let It Go
Weddings always come hand in hand with tension, that is inevitable and you need to remember that. No matter how much planning you put into your wedding, things that you can’t control can always happen. Try not to sweat the small things and choose your battles, don’t let everything stress you out. Not everything will go the way you planned and that is the way life works. Trust us‑ no one will even notice that the flowers weren’t the right color or that the candles weren’t in the right place! Keep your focus on why you’re getting married and try to enjoy your day before it’s over.

Be Mindful
Remember that planning a wedding is a big task, and there may be tears, tantrums and general hysterics involved before, during and after. This is normal and it is fine. Just remember what this day is about and concentrate on living every minute of it fully. You won’t regret living in the moment, trust us.

Take It All In
This might sound like an obvious one, but don’t forget to spend time at the wedding with your new hubby! A lot of brides get distracted and get carried away with their guests and the party, but remember this is both your day and you should celebrate it together! Grab your man and take it all in, it passes by in a flash!

Be Prepared
Ok let’s be honest, the weather is extremely unpredictable lately and rain is always a possibility! Be sure to have a plan b and to think ahead of everything. Be aware of the weather forecasts and act accordingly! And if it does rain and it takes you by surprise don’t worry! They say it’s good luck.