Our Styling Team’s Guide To Wedding Guest Dressing

When it comes to wedding guest dressing and etiquette things might become a little bit confusing, which is why we’ve put this guide together for you. In it you’ll find each dress code decoded and what you should wear to each occasion. Keep reading to find out!

When a wedding has a black‑tie dress code this usually indicates a formal, evening event. Women should wear floor‑length gowns. Sumptuous fabrics like silk and organza go perfect with this dress code, however if the wedding seems to be a bit less formal other fabrics might be acceptable, just be sure to consult with the bride first. As for men, tuxedos are a must.

This dress code is slightly less formal than a black‑tie event‑ emphasis on the slightly. So, for women the outfit choices remain pretty much the same: a floor‑length gown, a fancy midi dress or a dressy pantsuit. In fact, there isn’t much of a difference between black‑tie and formal, although with this dress code it’s more acceptable to wear a dress that shows the ankles. When it comes to men, tuxedos aren’t required but can be worn if preferred. A formal dark suit is completely acceptable.

A tad bit above semi‑formal, cocktail attire is an extremely popular choice within the wedding space particularly when it comes to legal weddings. It’s a dress code that allows for balance between elegant and pared‑back. Instead of floor‑length dresses you should go for tea‑length, knee‑length or midi dresses. For men, this dress code means suit and tie, no matter what the wedding setting is.

This dress code is probably one you haven’t heard of or little of and that probably because it’s quite new. To put it simply, festive attire allows you to play around with your look and have fun. Women are encouraged to wear formal or cocktail attire in bolder colors, playful accessories and unique silhouettes. Men should sport a suit and tie, jazzed up with unexpected like a colorful tie or square pocket.

Since destination weddings usually take place in humid places, they can become hot affairs. Which is why you should be careful of what you choose to wear for them. We recommend you look into lightweight fabrics and airy silhouettes. If the wedding is being held outside you can always consider sprucing up the look with a sunhat. Men might consider guayabera shirts unless specifically specified otherwise by the bride and groom.