Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops in Mexico City!

Ice cream is simply exquisite, you can have it in almost any flavor: sweet, bitter, salty, spicy… what else would you want! It’s the perfect combination between coldness and texture, which produces instant happiness.
Here are our favorite Ice Cream shops, in Mexico City, for you to visit and try out!

Helados Cometa
Helados Cometa combines French‑style recipes with Mexican organic and seasonal ingredients. Here you can enjoy super creamy ice creams; there’s chocolate, coffee, vanilla, green tea, caramel, jamaica and more!

Ice Cream Nation
This is a Pioneer ice cream shop highly recognized for its production of ice cream with liquid nitrogen. The ice cream is made at the moment you order it, so it’s texture and flavor are simply perfect! Also, there’s a vast quantity of toppings you can choose from to add to it.

Neveria Roxy
When you visit this ice cream shop, you will travel back in time into the fifties because of its old decoration of furniture, glasses and refrigerators extracted from the past times. You can order ice cream, a banana split, milkshakes, smoothies and more!

Amorino has classic gelatos and artisanal sorbets served in the shape of a flower: perfect for combining flavors in one serving! if you're going remember to add a delicious ice cream macaroon on top of your serving to get that extra deliciousness going!

Cold Beat
Cold Beat is a Mexican ice cream shop which offers natural and artisan ice creams with peculiar flavors such as the combination of cheese and fruits or spices and wine. In other words, it’s highly recognized for mixing Mexican culinary culture and flavors from the international market.

Joe Gelato
This ice cream shop was founded by Chef José Luis Cervantes, who studied at the University of Gelato… a temple in Italy dedicated to perfecting the art of preparing gelatos and sorbets. Every four days the flavors change, go now and find out what’s new!

If what you're in the mood for is frozen yogurt then we have the best one in town for you. Add all the toppings you want to your serving and get ready to enjoy. We love the taro flavor with yogurt drops as a topping but there's a ton of combinations for you to try!