Old Money Aesthetic: What It Means And How To Wear It

You’ve probably heard the term “old money aesthetic” being thrown around pretty much everywhere, but what does it mean really? The new trend surrounds the concept of quality and quiet luxury items instead of loud branded ones.
Staples of the ‘old money look’ include linens, polos and “quiet luxury” designer items, in addition to argyle vests, white sneakers, capris, quilted coats and tailored pieces. But you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get the look, keep reading to find out what the staples to get the look are.

Quality Basics
What you’re looking for here is quality instead of quantity. You might have to invest a little bit more on these pieces but we promise they will last a long time.

Tailored Trousers
We know we include these in a lot of our lists but that’s only because they’re absolute basics. White, beige or black, these 3 colors are the perfect base for any outfit. We recommend to get them in different fabrics to spruce up your wardrobe.

Ballet Flats
This is a staple that is gaining notoriety again and fast becoming one of the hottest trends of the year. Either you get leather ballerinas or satin ones try going for colors that you can easily match.

Trench Coats
A trench coat is another classic that you should incorporate into your wardrobe (we know you’ve heard it a million times). It will give you some protection against chilly days while making you look fashionable and classic. It is the perfect item for any season, style is with jeans and a t-shirt or even a mini dress. The possibilities are endless.

White Sneakers
A good pair of white sneakers is a must in any closet. A sleek, white, minimalist pair is the best option if you’re looking to fit into the aesthetic.

A nice fitting blazer is the perfect finishing touch for any look. Whether it’s a white tee, jeans and ballet flats or a skirt and a cute top a good blazer will bring together your whole look and help you look put together.

Quiet Accessories
Whether it’s a black leather bag or an understated luxury item, quiet accessories that you can use over and over again are now your favorite item. Focus on good quality materials and pieces that will go with your whole wardrobe.