Mexico City Guide

Mexico City has always been known to be full of life and things to do, but as any big city it can be a little bit overwhelming to know where to go, what to see and what to eat- particularly if you’re not a local. That is why we put together this guide for you to manage Mexico City like a pro. Keep reading to discover!

Máximo Bistrot
One of the City’s most sought out tables- and for good reason- has its home at Máximo Bistrot. A true farm-to-table that serves French recipes with locally sourced ingredients, the menu changes constantly but it always surprises the palette of whoever tries any dish. Reservations are a must here, so be cautious with that.

If you’re looking for delicious food and a calm ambience, Meroma is your perfect gourmet destination. The food is seasonal and always carefully thought upon and utterly delicious. Whether you’re there for drinks or dinner, we promise you’re in for a treat.

Mi Compa Chava
If you’re hungover and looking for a proper cure or even if you’re just craving great seafood then Mi Compa Chava will be happy to open its doors for you. If you do land there, be sure to try their famous aguachiles as well as pretty much anything from their cold bar- but remember to add sauce to it and thank us later.

Representing a new wave of Mexican cuisine Quintonil serves a nine course menu that includes some indigenous Mexican recipes that are simply to die for. If you want to order a la carte you can also do it but we do recommend the tasting menu if it’s your first time. But remember to keep some space for dessert, because- just like everything else on the menu- they’re great.

A true Mexico City institution, Contramar is the ultimate destination when it comes to seafood. Their famous tuna tostadas and their salt covered fish are the thing of legends, and of course a must-order. The ambience is relaxed and pleasing. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we will.

Casa Estudio Luis Barragán
One of the biggest names in architecture had his home and his design study in this house, now open to curious eyes. His very defined and clear style can be found all over the house and not only in the architecture but also in

Casa Orgánica
This is one you’ve probably seen plastered all over famous people’s instagram accounts (Dua Lipa, Jacquemus, Shakira, and others have all been there) and there’s good reason for it. Even though technically it’s an architectural masterpiece it’s also pure art by Javier Senosiain. You won’t regret visiting!

Museo Nacional de Antropología
The Mexico City Anthropology Museum is full of incredible exhibits that you can find all year round- as well as some temporary ones- but the real marvel of the place is the building itself. The architecture is otherworldly and an absolute picture-perfect spot for those of you who love taking pictures!

Kurimanzutto Gallery
If what you love is to enjoy art then the Kurimanzutto Gallery is the perfect option for you to visit. The curatorship behind the gallery’s exhibits is perfect down to even the smallest detail and the place itself helps you get in the mood to experience and take in some of the nicest exhibitions in town.

Octavia Casa
If you’re looking for somewhere calm but incredible to stay, Octavia Casa is the place to be. This small boutique hotel in the heart of Condesa aims to provide a contemporary lifestyle destination for whoever visits it. Stay in one of the City’s most emblematic areas and enjoy life as a local.