Loving Yourself In Social Media Times🤍

Why is self love so important? Self love might sound like a luxury instead of a necessity, but it is in fact something we all need in our lives. Self care and compassion are the two pillars we should stand on when it comes to anything in life, particularly how harsh we can be towards ourselves.

In today’s online world people flaunt their seemingly perfect lives, which more often than not develop a sense of the “ideal self” among users, particularly young ones, and it greatly affects their self esteem. We’ve all certainly been there before, in our case particularly in summer since the pressure for that perfect bikini body comes alive, and the only thing it causes is for our time to be ruined.

So in order to have you enjoy your summer, and your body fully, here are some tips to help you manage and use your social media in a healthy way.

Take A Break
Setting boundaries in life is always important, and social media is not an exception to the rule. If you feel like you need to take a break, do it. Your mental health comes before anything else.

Unfollow or Mute
If anything in life messes with your peace, it doesn't belong in it. That applies to people you follow on social media too. If there’s an account that makes you feel insecure or bad about yourself, a simple unfollow can do wonders for you.

Be Aware Of Photo Editing
Not everything that you see on social media is real. Editing apps exist and they allow you to modify everything from acne marks on your face to any part of your body. Remember that what you’re seeing might not be the reality. Don’t compare yourself to unattainable and unreal standards.

Say No To #bodygoals
Let’s begin by saying all bodies are #bodygoals. Your body carries you through life, be gentle with it. Don’t ever compare yourself with others, each body is made in a different way and for a different purpose.

Don’t Look For Empty Validation
If you decide to post on social media, be aware of the reasons why you’re doing it. As flattering as it can be to receive likes and comments, try and post for yourself, not for others.