How To Organize Your Pantry Like A Kardashian

Nowadays it is very fashionable to have an impact pantry, literally one like the Kardashians, have you seen them? Wow, they are definitely goals and the truth is that they may seem very difficult to achieve, but no... it is much easier than you think. That’s why we have decided to create this guide with tips so you have an impressive pantry at home, are you interested? Keep reading.

Pantry Organizers
Transparency is important, we suggest sticking with clear bins as much as possible. The transparent sides will allow you to see your supplies and keep track of what's still in stock. Clear bins are also easier to mix and match, which will help your space look more uniform. Every inch of space counts in a pantry. So, when shopping for food storage containers, consider how they'll fit together. Your organizers should make sense for the whole family, if you have little kids and you want to hide the candy, you should put the snacks you want them to find at their reach, for example healthy snacks or fruits.

Place the items in groups together, we recommend you find lazy susans for the oils and another one for the condiments.

Use Clear Containers
Busy packaging can make your pantry look cluttered and untidy. Here’s a tip, remove any plastic bags or cardboard boxes, and decant dry ingredients into clear canisters.

Labels are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also practical. This way your house members can know what you have inside, and can know where they are located.

Add Shelf Liners
Shelf liners can help prevent produce from falling through wire shelves and boxes from tipping over. Also they can keep wet ingredients, like oils and condiments, from slipping off the shelves and spilling onto the floor.