How To Help Your Body Detox Naturally

We always say that we want to start being healthier, have a completely balanced life. Yes, it is definitely one of our New Year's resolutions that we are going to fulfill.
There are several extra tips that we can add to our daily routine to help our body to work better and always feel 100%. So as you know Karen McKey is a certified health coach and she is going to share her best tips to start the year feeling incredible!

Is a powerful detox aid supporting the removal of impurities and toxins, including heavy metals. It’s a great friend to reduce inflammation and support our mitochondria to boost energy levels. We recommend you get the green powder to add to water or smoothies, you won’t notice the difference.

Infrared sauna:
Infrared saunas use infrared lamps to warm your body directly. This makes it easter to penetrate human tissue. Some of its benefits include: better sleep,
relaxation. detoxification, weight loss, relief from sore muscles and joint pain and clear and tighter skin, among others. 

Dry brushing:
It wakes your senses up like no other practice, feels absolutely incredible, and leaves you with silky‑smooth skin and an all over body glow. We love to do it just as Gwyneth Paltrow taught us, she uses her dry brush right before her morning shower. “The bristles feel so good on my skin,” she says. “There’s nothing like it.”

Warm water with lemon and ginger before having breakfast:
We adore this combination, it really is a life changer. It’s the ultimate liver detoxifier. Since we have been fasting overnight, it helps bind to toxins, flushing them out via our urinary system. Both are loaded with antioxidants, which slow down aging and reduce DNA damage. Do this everyday for the rest of your life and you will see changes immediately.

Rejuvenating skin detox bath:
A great way to soothe and detoxify your skin is through a special bath, especially when it has the correct assets and ingredients. Apple cider vinegar is known for relieving common skin problems, is a natural anti‑inflammatory while also killing bacteria and yeast on your skin. Additionally it contains properties that are found in medications such as aspirin, helping to restore pH balance and reduce pain

What you’ll need?
2 cups Epsom salt
2 cups apple cider 2 tablespoons ginger powder
1/4 cup baking soda
Add all ingredients to the tub and soak for up to 20 minutes.

Acupressure mat set:
If you are craving deeper relaxation, better sleep or stress, pain and tension relief, our acupressure mat is for you. Leveraging the traditional principles of acupressure, the WTHN acupressure mat and pillow have gentle stimulators that activate points across the body to foster deep relaxation.

Calms chronic bloating, gas and other IBS symptoms fast with a proprietary blend of hard‑working digestive enzymes (17, to be exact) and anti‑inflammatory ingredients used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to treat gastrointestinal issues.