How To Get The Perfect Tan

Let’s be honest, we’re all dying for the perfect tan all year long. But it’s hard to get and hard to keep, particularly if you live in the City. Here are some tips to get that perfect tan without having to bake yourself outdoors for hours without end and to get to the beach with a nice color to work on top of.

Have you ever noticed that Spanish and Italian girls have the best tans ever? Well that’s because they start filling their diets up with specific vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. These two have beta‑carotene and lycopene which help you prepare your skin from within and help give a deeper tone to your tan without having to spend hours without end in the harmful sun. Some girls opt for a daily dose of orange and carrot juice as well around 3 weeks before tanning.

These are basically “tans in a bottle” but really they come in sprays, lotions, oils and even towelettes. The important part of these is to be consistent and to find the tone that best suits your skin, as well as the brand that better fits you. If you’re looking for towelettes you can look up Endless Luxe on Instagram they have the best we’ve seen in a while. If on the other hand you’re looking for an oil or mousse you can go for the express self tanning from Balibody. And if what you want is a cream then go for the moisturizing self tanning gel from Avéne.

Airbrush tanning is a great option as well, one of the benefits with this kind of tan is that it comes out a lot more even than doing it yourself and it looks a lot more natural as well. You can obviously control how dark you want the tan to be and you’ll have it for around a week or so, which is perfect for special events. Here at Turquoise we love SoTan to death!

The secret recipe for a tan to last starts and begins with skincare. Always remember to exfoliate your skin before doing any of these but mostly keep it hydrated (there are even some hydrating lotions that help you self tan like the Avéne one). Our favorite oil is the Huile Prodigieuse Or from Nuxe, not only does it help your skin have that extra shimmer but it also helps keep your skin hydrated and soft during the day.