How To Elevate Any Pair Of Jeans

Jeans are probably the one fashion item that can bring everyone together since it’s quite surely the only item we all have in our closets at the same time. However, sometimes it can be difficult to break away from the same old jeans outfit, so we’re here to show you how to elevate any pair of jeans.

Boucle jackets + kitten heels
Some say it never left, some say it’s making a comeback but whichever point of view you side with when it comes to boucle jackets there’s nothing chicer than to pair them with a good pair of slouchy jeans. Their structured shape brings the perfect balance to the relaxed shape of your jeans and gives that je ne sais quoi that French girls have.

Vintage leather jackets + cowboy boots
Whether it’s actually vintage or not is absolutely not important, but any leather jacket with a vintage feel to it will always be a stylish option to elevate any look‑ particularly your favorite jeans. We promise this outfit combination will make your 90’s cut jeans look that much cooler.

Coat + cap + dad sneakers
Name a better combo than oversized denim and dad sneakers. Go on, we’ll wait. This iconic duo has never gone out of style for a reason and now it’s more stylish than ever. Add an oversized coat and a baseball cap and you should be ready to go!

Denim jacket + hair band + boots
When in doubt, a classic Canadian tux will always get you out of trouble. Don’t worry if it’s not a matching set, as long as it’s the same‑ or approximate‑ color wash you should be set and ready to go! We love pairing them with boots but they can be paired with pretty much anything from sneakers to heels.

Oversized cardigan + ballerinas
Ballerinas are one of the biggest trends at the moment and one of the best ways to wear them are jeans. Sometimes less is more and with this particular look you’ll see how well it works. Grab a statement oversized cardigan (extra points if it has a print), throw on your favorite accessories and get those ballerinas on. We promise you’ll love the results!