How To Create Mindful Moments Anywhere You Are

Staying grounded in this day and age might be complicated sometimes, which is why we wanted to create a guide to help you be able to create mindful moments anywhere you are so you can ground yourself and manage your stress in a proactive way. But in order to do this we have to start by answering a very important question: what is a mindful moment?

Mindfulness is, in fact, a type of meditation in which you focus on being aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment you’re in. Practicing mindfulness helps relax the body and mind to reduce stress, in this guide you will find ways to practice mindfulness in your everyday life.

Eat Right
Eating right is important not only for your general health, but it goes hand in hand with creating balance to create mental health. What we recommend is to begin food prepping, not only will it relax you to cook a bit and organize a bit of your life but it helps you eat clean and healthy anywhere you are‑ be that at home or at work. Having time to make and plan your meals will give you better options to add veggies, fruits and fiber to your dishes.

Make Better Spaces
With the pandemic and smart working our whole home has become both our wind down and relax place as well as our office, not knowing how to separate both can bring a lot of stress and anxiety into our lives. Keeping both separate is extremely important. Make sure to designate specific areas for resting, working, socializing, and relaxing. This will help you connect with everything you have to do and avoid mixing unnecessary negative energy to where you are productive or trying to pause.

Move Around
Add Movement to your life. We’re not necessarily telling you to sign up for a gym or a pilates class, maybe it’s not your thing. But either way, make sure you give your body the time and space to just let it flow. If working out isn’t your favorite thing in the world, try adding stretches, walks, steps, etc into your daily routine. Walking is a great way to clear your mind and work your body while you’re at it.

Learn To Take A Rest
Resting is important, whether it comes by sleeping at least 7 hours a night or learning to take a minute. Having time to rest (mentally and physically) will always help you. Methods such as the Pomodoro Technique are widely recommended and have very good results, it’s actually very simple. It is based upon working in 25 minute intervals of doing something actively and resting for 5 minute intervals to clear your mind.

Mix And Match
Sometimes we procrastinate on the things we don’t like and end up not doing them, the solution for this is to match something you love doing with something you don’t. This way you will lessen the load by doing something you love and enjoy and the thing that you’re pushing will become easier to do and you’ll get it done in a proactive and relaxed way. For example: listen to a podcast while walking, read while you sip coffee, etc.

Make A To‑Do List
Stop Multitasking and Procrastinating, the mix does anything but good for you. Being over worked and then doing nothing for big periods of time only wastes your energy and results in you losing your drive. Adapting the Eisenhower Matrix to your to‑do lists helps you avoid feeling pressured. It works by Doing, Planning, Delegating and Eliminating Urgent and Non‑Urgent Matters.

Clean Your Spaces
Decluttered spaces equals a decluttered mind. And when we say decluttered we don’t only mean on the physical side of things. Add harmony to wherever you are, use air purifiers, candles, incense or essential oils. Be organized with your materials and things to work with to free your mind and the room you’re in.

Write It Down
Journaling is amazing for your mental health, doing it for 5‑10 minutes a day can work wonders for you. Writing down your thoughts, feelings and moods can help you release them or acknowledge them and in time, process them. Writing helps you let go of things you can’t control and keep track of others. Make it a personal goal to journal at least 3 times a week and take it from there, you’ll notice a change.