Fall Trends We’re Going For

Fall is pretty much upon us now and if you still don’t know what trends to invest in, as always, we’ve got your back. We decided to put together a list of trends that will not only carry you through fall and winter, but that you’ll be able to wear after the trend fades out without looking outdated. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Minimal Cardigans
While the last few years have been concentrating on chunky everything (knits, sneakers, loafers, etc.) we might be getting a glimpse of the end of that trend and giving way into a more sleek loving era. Starting with cardigans, the trend will concentrate on a more slimmed down, fitted and luxurious feeling look.

Vintage Jackets
If you’re lucky enough to have parents who were alive during the 80’s and 90’s then you’re pretty much set for this trend already. Whether it’s a leather blazer or trench, a classic tweed jacket or a shoulder padded blazer the rule here is: what was once out is now back in. Now would be a good time to take a dive into their closets and find your next it piece.

Barrel Leg Jeans
If you never got on with the baggy jeans trend then this will come as very good news to you! And if you loved that trend then fear not, this new one is just as flattering. Barrel leg jeans basically are baggier at the knees and come back in a little at the ankle creating a very flattering fit‑ think of them as mom jeans reimagined. And since these jeans are unlike anything you’ve owned we suggest buying a pair and giving it a try, we promise it’ll make for a fun closet update!

Metallic Bags
For this new season, metallics are the new black. And you’ll probably see them everywhere come fall, but the best ‑and most long lasting‑ way to wear this trend will definitely be on a bag. Shake things up this fall and take a chance on this trend, you’ll thank us later.

Pleated Skirts
The preppy style we’ve seen trending this year is having another moment come fall, but this time it will come in longer versions that might just be easier to wear. Come fall and winter you’ll want to style these skirts with everything from classic loafers to knee‑high boots. Add a nice varsity jacket and you’re ready to go!