Decoding the Dress Code: Dressing for a Date

Choosing what to wear on a daily basis can prove to be harder than it would seem some days, let alone having to choose what to wear on a special date. So no matter what the occasion is, we’re here to help you decode the dress code for each one of them.

Dinner date
Let’s start with dinner shall we? Probably the “fanciest” of the options on the list, it requires a little something extra without looking like you lost a party. You want your look to scream sophisticated and cool and to achieve that less is more. Stick to dark colors like black and statement pieces like an oversized blazer or a strapless top.

Movie date
When it comes to going to the movies the most important thing is to be comfortable, obviously while looking good. A nice pair of jeans, a top and a statement jacket or sweater will do the job. By using a statement piece or adding a pop of color to the outfit you elevate the overall look and feel and you’ll be ready to be picked up by your date.

Coffee date
Coffee dates are some of the most common dates out there and we love how relaxed they can be. This type of date is the perfect one to show off your personality through the way you dress from day to day. If you need a foolproof formula your favorite jeans and a blazer are the perfect option.

Drinks date
Drinks are supposed to be fun, so why shouldn’t your outfit be? Get creative with your look and add some pops of color to spruce up the mood and the look. To balance everything out you can add one of our favorites ever‑ yup you guessed it‑ a blazer in a neutral color. Now you’re ready for a fun night out!

Museum date
Museums or galleries are great places to visit for a date, not only are they an enjoyable place but it also gives way for great conversation and plays its part as a great icebreaking activity. You’ll be walking around a bit so comfortable shoes are a must. We love a good statement and a trench coat is the perfect one for this occasion. Bonus points if it’s leather!

Brunch date
Brunch is a place to be and feel free. Relaxed ambience, great food and of course good coffee. For this occasion, less is more. Our recommendation for this date is to grab a crisp white shirt and your favorite (and best fitting) pair of jeans and just tuck it in. If you want to give it a little something extra you can add a pop of color with the accessories.

Cooking class date
Who said fashion and food don’t go well together? Well whoever did, they’re very wrong. We’re obviously not sending you out in a couture look but you can definitely look great for this date. We recommend something you can keep out of the way, so either short sleeves or strapless, pair it with a cool pair of cargo pants and you’ll be on your way to a great time!