Carry-on Packing 101

The art of packing is a one that everyone should master- preferably before Summer- and we’re here to help you do just that. Optimizing the space inside a carry-on really depends on knowing what to pack, but mostly it falls upon knowing what not to pack. Tap next to discover what you should and shouldn’t pack in your carry-on.

Packing cubes are your best friends
If you still don’t have packing cubes and you’re planning on taking just a carry-on on your next trip we are in awe. Get this line tattooed into your mind “packing cubes are your best friend when traveling” got it? 

Let’s talk about shoes…
Shoes are one of the biggest problems you face when it comes to carry-on packing. To tackle this problem you should choose 3 or 4 pairs total to take with you on this trip (they should all match well with the looks you’re packing) and you’ll wear the heaviest and the chunkiest pair on the plane to save precious packing space.

Create a capsule wardrobe
When it comes to a capsule wardrobe the first rule is always sticking to styles and colors that go well together, your goal is to create endless combinations with 20 pieces or less. The countdown method always works incredibly well and it consists of: 6 tops, 5 bottoms, 4 seasonal pieces, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 layering options, 2 bags and you can pack a hat if you like to.

Invest on a good carry-on
Having a good carry-on is the first item on the list when it comes to carry-on packing, and we know it should be a given but you’d be surprised. We love the Monos Carry-On Plus because it has a little bit extra space while still being made to fit into the overhead compartment. 

Accessories are your allies
Accessories take little to virtually no place and as you’ve probably heard us say before, they make a huge difference when it comes to styling since it automatically elevates any look. Even though they might seem like a small “add-on” trust us when we say they’re not!

Travel sized everything
Packing only what you need for your trip is a life saver, particularly when it comes to carry-on traveling. There’s several brands that sell TSA approved sizes of your favorite products but in case they don’t there’s several options to refill with your skincare routine.