Acné Mapping: Understanding Your Skin

Breakouts are a natural part of life and as uncomfortable as they can be, it might be your body speaking up. Since there’s only so much makeup and skincare can do for you and with so many environmental factors (like stress, weather, dehydration, what we eat, etc.) to count in, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that getting to the root of acne is the ultimate fix for breakouts. Which is why we’ve researched what is probably causing you to break out depending on where you do. Remember to always consult with a professional.

Brow line
Excess makeup that wasn’t properly removed can be the easiest way to explain these breakouts. However there are other explanations like waxing or hormones. During puberty, this spot is a hotbed for hormonal breakouts.

The most common cause for forehead breakouts are usually hair products, by taking care of not letting the product slip down into your skin you should notice a fast change, however keep in mind that you might still get them on your skin while sleeping. Second most common cause has to do with your bladder or your digestive system, such as dehydration and processed foods. Insufficient sleep and stress are also culprits when it comes to forehead acne.

Your temples are home to oil glands that can easily get clogged by hair products and dirt which in turn quickly result in breakouts. Most acne problems in this area can be solved by really working on having clean skin to avoid allowing your pores to clog.

Dirty pillowcases, phones, dirty sponges and brushes are usually the ones to blame for this particular one, especially when you have breakouts on only one side of your face. Gingivitis, smoking and bronchitis also show up as cheek acne since the upper cheek area is linked to the lungs while the lower cheek area is linked to the mouth.

Indigestion, high blood pressure and poor circulation might be the physical cause that is manifesting as nose acne, however if none of these apply to you the simplest reason to explain this is makeup. Whether you use liquid foundation or mineral powder, be sure to always clean everything thoroughly- from your skin to your brushes and sponges- since this area is prone to clog easily.

Malabsorption of nutrients, overeating and liver issues manifest on our jawlines. The easiest way to control breakouts in this area is to practice clean eating and eliminating inflammatory foods such as sugar and caffeine. Also, if you’re noticing pimples that you can’t pop and that don’t come up to the surface (they’re called keloids) you might want to consult an expert because your estrogen levels could be rising.

Chin breakouts usually correspond to the small and large intestine and that might mean you’re not digesting certain foods the way you should. Alcohol and caffeine can also easily show up on the chin when consumed in large amounts so keep an eye out for those! If none of these apply then you’re most likely dehydrated.

*Remember to always consult a dermatologist when it comes to skincare concerns as well as treatments.*