8 Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

After two months, it is now becoming clearer what has become ‑and will continue to be‑ trendy all throughout 2023. Some of these are unexpected but some we could see coming for miles. Are you ready to discover the 2023 trends to watch out for?

Denim reimagined
Denim never left (obviously) but it’s being reimagined in a way. Rules don’t apply anymore when it comes to it, and so you’re free to choose whether you want to use denim on denim or want to take the Y2K approach proposed by pretty much every runway this season. The rules are yours to make and bend.

Daytime bling
The fashion industry seems to have been captivated by a particular shade of glimmer this year and that’s silver. Less obvious and tiring than gold but more fun than black, silver is making its way to becoming the new it girl favorite hue‑ and fast. It’s the perfect low‑key luxe way to dress up!

Pocket Game
Cargo pants are still going strong but now the trend is getting an upgrade into the rest of the wardrobe. From skirts, jackets, tweed suits and coats the pocket game will be strong and steady this whole season. Shake it up and try a skirt‑ mini or midi you choose‑ we promise you’ll look cool AF.

There was a time when corsets and lingerie were only used in private‑ those times are well over. The fashion gaze is firmly set on bedroom apparel for spring this year and focused on bringing it out to the streets. From slip dresses, to amped up corsets, lace trimmed everything and sheer fabrics this trend is bound to be everywhere soon.

It’s all in the hips
They say everything has a cycle and it all comes back at some point‑ and they couldn’t be more right. The next trend to make its way back into our lives are the 19th century crinolines. Yup you heard us right‑ you’ll start to notice in different brands and styles how that extra volume starts reappearing at courtly and perfectly calculated angles. We’re here for all the drama!

Angle it out
Asymmetry at its finest. That’s basically the whole trend. This whole thing is based on movement and seeing things from different angles. All the hems will be completely different and you can expect to see more angles and holes in random spots than ever. Think of it as enhanced cutouts.

Volume valued
After being stuck at home in sweatpants so long the post‑pandemic fashion boom has drifted into eye‑catching looks and textures. With this trend it’s all about fun colors and volumes as well as a texture play. Amped up glamorous embellishments will continue to have a boom all throughout 2023.

Goddess vibes
Amid a new found love for old Hollywood an obsession for Goddess‑like looks is reborn. If we had to describe this trend we’d have to use the words seductive, provocative, elegant and feminine all in equal measure. You’ll see it everywhere in no time and will find it in a variety of colors, textures and fabrics.