8 Romantic Restaurants In Mexico City To Visit With Your Partner

Valentine's Day is the best excuse to go out with your partner or your group of friends for lunch or dinner at a great restaurant. If you’re anything like us then you love to try different places and you can’t miss out on these 8 romantic restaurants in CDMX. Tap next and book a reservation ASAP!

Located in the heart of Roma Norte, this restaurant has delicious food and wine all day long. Its ambience is perfect for a romantic dinner with your significant other. We recommend you order the oysters and the Wagyu crostinis and pair them with white wine. Cheers to you!

One of the newest openings in the city, Babero had to make our list. The ambience is perfect for a date or to celebrate Galentine’s with your group of friends. Their Baberol Spritz is the drink that should make it into your drink list and their hand crabs and french fries are to die for.

Havre 77
This is one of our favorites on the list. With its elegant yet casual feel and it's delicious French cuisine Havre 77 is sure to make the list for the night. Their St Germain Spritz is amazing and if you’re looking for something great then their French Onion Soup Burger is the one to go with.

In the heart of Condesa you’ll find a hidden gem: Botánico. This amazing restaurant concentrates on the quality and freshness of their dishes and the experience of sharing a table. Their Mussels in coconut and lemongrass sauce are so good.

Lampuga is another on the list that can do wonders whether you’re looking for a romantic spot or to celebrate with your girls. Located in the heart of Polanco, this Mediterranean restaurant is a great option. Keep it simple with a good old Gin & Tonic and pair it with their amazing Shrimp tacos.

This cozy and shabby‑chic restaurant is located in the courtyard of one of the city’s most emblematic old buildings: General Prim 30. It concentrates on Mediterranean food with a modern touch and they have great mixology. Their Pin Tonic should be your go‑to drink of the night and their roasted cauliflower with mustard cream is our favorite dish.

If you and your S.O.‑ or your friend group‑ love wine then this is the place for you. Vigneron uses low intervention wines with a limited number production and all of its menu is designed to be perfectly paired with their wine list. We suggest you try their pappardelle Bolognese and pair it with your favorite wine. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try Orange wine here!

Hi Kov
Hi Kov is a well kept secret in Bosques, a small nigiri room with the best ingredients and service. This is perfect for an intimate date with great food. Their Pimiento Hi Kov is an amazing option to order as a drink and all their Nigiri are top notch. Their Tuna Avocado HosoMaki is otherworldly.