7 Steps You Should Be Taking For Better Skin

We all want healthy skin, but sometimes it feels like it is unattainable. There are a couple tips that we already know and have heard since we were young like not sleeping with make up on for example. Here are 7 not‑so‑thought‑of tips we should all incorporate into our skin care routines for healthier, clearer skin:

Clean Your Pillow Case
This is another one we often don’t think about. When we sleep our pillowcase absorbs all the dirt, oils and germs from our face and hair. When you don’t wash your pillowcase enough (at least once a week is the recommendation), you’re more likely to breakout! Silk pillowcases are great for both hair and skin since they’re hypoallergenic and easier on us.

Clean Your Phone
Think about it, we rest our phone pretty much everywhere and then lift it up‑ and all the bacteria that it carries‑ directly to our face. This can be a big reason why we break out.

Get Active
Working out is one of the best ways to clear your skin out. Few people know this, but when we sweat our circulation increases which in turn clear our pores and release toxins through our sweat. The key here is to wash your face as soon as you can after sweating because living it on your skin can also be a cause for breakouts.

Apply And Re‑apply Your SPF
Most people forget to apply SPF on a daily basis, and those who do probably only do so in the morning. Dermatologists recommend that you reapply your SPF every 2 to 3 hours to protect your skin from UV rays. If you’re wearing make up there are some really good options like SPF setting powders and sprays.

Cut Back On The Make Up
The pandemic has given us a breather, since there’s not much to do or places to go to we have given a breather to our skin. What I often recommend is to ditch your foundation and change it for tinted SPF, there are some great options out there with good coverage and a large range of tones.

Drink More Water
Staying hydrated is crucial for the wellbeing of our skin, it helps us keep it healthy, moisturized, youthful and breakout‑free. Try drinking more water during the day and remember not to wait until you’re starched, because by then you’re already dehydrated and your skin and body will suffer the consequences.

Cut Back On Dairy
There are several doctors and dermatologists who insist that dairy is bad for your skin health, but if you’re anything like us it will prove almost impossible to really cut your dairy intake completely, however if you cut back on it you will soon notice a change in your skin.