7 Places To Ease Your Munchies In Mexico City

We know we all enjoy snacking our way around life and having something delicious to share with others or have by ourselves. That’s why we created this list for you with our favorite snacks and munchies that you can enjoy at a girl’s night dinner, weekend trip, casual hang out, snacking in school or work, etc. Featuring both sweet and salty treats that we can’t live without.

Cuarentena Baking
This place went viral during this pandemic since they made heart‑warming treats for you to enjoy at home. Their creations feature items such as pictures, funny phrases and delicious toppings to match your every mood. Great for celebrating a birthday with their cakes or simply enjoying some cookies.

One of our favorite snack places to enjoy. Dive yourself into their amazing bounds such as Conejito, Chamoy or Matcha. Try their chocolate bars paired up with cookie dough, speculoos, or cereal. For you salty lovers their Chamoy Popcorn and Mix are a must try. Take their mixes wherever you go: popcorn, toffee, chocolate turtles, etc.

If you’re looking for something to refresh during these hot days, Scoop is the place for you. Offering soft‑serve frozen yogurt and located in Santa Fe, this ice cream place is a must try. Some are based upon low calorie ingredients such as Almond Milk, Monkfruit and others, their flavors are not your typical frozen yogurt ones. They’ve got from Vanilla to Taro, Nutella, Coffee or even Kinder Bueno. Featuring all types of toppings. Definitely one of our faves!

Once Panaderia
Newly located in Virreyes, this bakery focuses on one star pastry: Anushkas. Formally also known as Kouign Amann, this french dessert is based on two ingredients only: sugar and butter, what else would you need? Make sure to enjoy these delicious treats with someone special or with a side of coffee. You can also order for at‑home delivery.

180 Grados
Home‑baked loaves and cookies that you definitely have to try. Don’t miss out on their Salted Caramel loaf, Poppy Seed loaf, Snickerdoodle cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies or their Lotus items. Great for breakfast, sharing with a friend or sending as a gift.

The Secret Donut Society
This dark kitchen donut shop is something you don’t want to miss out on. Located in Colonia Roma, this place offers a menu that is completely out of this world. Their flavors are original and fresh. Featuring flavors such as S'mores, Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake, Butterscotch Vanilla, Nutella, Milky Way and others. Perfect for a weekend treat!

The perfect snack spot to go and enjoy some hot cocoa or caramel apples. They also have grab and go friendly snacks such as their Chocolate Obleas, Manguitos, Chocolate Barks or Dipped Orejitas.