7 Hacks To Stop Procrastinating

Want to become more thoughtful with your time and stop procrastinating? We got you. It really feels amazing when you are efficient throughout the day. But, do you know that people who are efficient in their everyday life seem to have similar habits in check? What sets them apart? Consistency.

They’re the people who have a daily action plan, they incorporate healthy habits throughout the day, and also prioritize their sleeping schedule. The more positive habits you acquire, the better you’ll get with your time management, and your days will be something you want to seize. If you don’t know how to start, don’t worry, we will give you our most efficient hacks to stop procrastinating and be more productive.

Do a to‑do list:
We are definitely to‑do list people, maybe it’s old school but it helps to achieve our daily goals. We recommend you to hand write it on paper and do little check signs everytime you achieve something in your list.

Listen to a good playlist:
A good playlist that can help you focus and has the right vibe to match the moment is a basic, there’s a reason why we can’t live without music right?

Get rid of your triggers:
Remove the cues that trigger your procrastination habits in the first place. For example, put your cell phone on airplane mode or hide the social media apps that can keep you distracted or just put it away from your workspace so nothing can distract you.

Reduce the number of decisions you need to make:
We’re asking ourselves questions all day long, for example, should I go to the gym today, or tomorrow? Problem is, questions compel us to respond with answers, and it’s easier to postpone the tasks. Instead, try to create habits to boost your effectiveness and prevent you from draining your energy by thinking about whether to do them or not.

Meditate or take a deep breath in the morning:
Meditation helps keep you calm, balanced, and anxiety‑free. Breathing can and should be the first step on your day, because if you are able to center your thoughts and emotions, you will be focused with the next task at hand.

Finish a task before starting a new one:
Why? Focusing on one thing at a time is beneficial for productivity because it leaves less room for error. There’s a time and place for multitasking, but try not to do this, use your best judgment when it comes to time arrangement.

Have healthy sleep habits:
The most important time of your day is your sleep. Tiredness may be the primary cause of procrastination, in addition to negatively reflecting on your physical health. We recommend you try to sleep at least 6‑8 hours a day. Half an hour before going to bed turn off your cell phone, and take breaths or read a book so that your melatonin levels are not affected. A consistent routine may be just the thing you need to boost productivity.