7 Coffee Shops To Take Your Book To

Sundays call for chill plans, so we wanted to give you our favorite coffee shops to take your favorite books to! Sip some coffee- or tea- and enjoy the good company a book can bring. Swipe right to discover the 6 coffee shops we’d take our favorite books to!

Cafe Milou
This cozy cafe in la Roma is perfect for an afternoon read. The ambience is perfect for a light book that you truly enjoy. Grab a cup of coffee and cozy up to your seat and your book.

This cozy corner in la Roma offers some of the best cakes and bread in town. Order your favorite along with a big mug of cappuccino and take time to get lost into your book.

This place earns its name rightfully. Some of the best baked goods you’ll find in town, anything here goes. Trust the house’s picks or make your own choice, but trust us, there’s no better combo than bakers and a book.

f you’re looking for a place that sources organically and locally with amazing recipes this is it. Coffee and amazing bread are an everyday practice here. Bring your book and enjoy your afternoon.

Everything handmade and following the house’s motto “less is more”. Their bread and coffee is out of this world, concentrating on the flavor and presentation without adding anything into the mix. Just perfect for a good book.

Café Trucha
We absolutely love this coffee shop in the heart of la Roma. Its cozy and chill vibe are the perfect scenario for a good book. And what we love the most about this place is their coffee and food selection, if you have a sweet tooth we recommend you get their olive oil cake!