6 Ways To Style A Slip Dress

Slip dresses are a staple in anyone’s closet, and it really isn’t a surprise. This minimalistic and versatile piece became popular in the 90’s and has been around ever since, and being the wardrobe basic that it is, it can be worn pretty much anywhere and anytime‑ even during fall and winter.
The tip to making these seasonal transitions easy is to layer up and down, it’s as simple as that. This guide is to help you style your beloved slip dress all throughout the year‑ no matter the occasion, the weather or the season.

Under A Sweater
Knits are the best allies when it comes to layering, whether you choose your favorite cardigan or sweater adding it on top of your slip dress elevates the look all while keeping you warm. Wear it with sneakers or boots depending on the weather and the occasion. If your sweater is too long, get help from a belt to keep the sweater in place.

With A Blazer
Blazers, just like slip dresses, are staples in any respectable wardrobe and it’s something you very probably have in yours already. Depending on the color of your slip dress you can go with a monochromatic look (for example a beige slip dress with a taupe blazer) or you can even add pops of color if you choose. This outfit is perfect to transition from season to season, summer to fall for example.

For A Wedding
You might think this is not the best choice, but trust us on this: slip dresses are the perfect dress for guests and bridesmaids! As long as it’s a midi or long slip dress you should be fine. Pay attention to rich colors, fabric and structure of the dress. The way we see it, the key to styling a slip dress for a formal occasion is to highlight the delicate nature of a silk or satin slip dress but to include enough jewelry and some substantial pieces like a statement clutch so the dress looks evening‑elegant, but doesn't veer into the satin sleepwear style.

For A Date
Slip dresses are feminine and figure‑skimming, which makes it the perfect piece to take to a romantic date night. Remember that less is more, you can pair your slip with some open heeled sandals and a nice bag if it’s warm outside. If the weather’s a bit colder you can style it with some boots and a blazer and you’re good to go!

From Day To Night
A slip dress paired with an oversized blazer makes for the best combination to wear from nine to five. Paired with point‑toe flats during the day and sleek pumps for the night, a small statement bag that you can carry all day (and night) and golden hoops this outfit can carry you from work in the morning to drinks with your friends flawlessly.

With A Leather Jacket
Leather jackets are another basic in anyone’s wardrobe, they’re versatile enough to help you go from season to season wearing anything from jeans to skirts to dresses. You probably already have a black leather jacket inside your closet and it goes with pretty much any color. You can pair your slip dress and leather jacket with some combat or chunky boots to get an edgy version of a very feminine dress.