6 Types Of Bag Every Woman Needs To Own

As we all well know, bags are an essential necessity in any woman’s life. But it is time to face a harsh reality, not all bags are useful or particularly needed. However, there are 6 bags that you need to own if you want to always have something to wear. Keep reading to find out which ones they are!

The Everyday Bag
This bag has to be big enough to hold your everyday essentials without being huge and becoming an obnoxious thing to carry around. We recommend going for neutrals when it comes to this particular bag since it has to go along with everything. Off white, black and brown are always a great option.

The Statement Bag
This is your wow-factor bag. It can be anything from a hard-to-get bag, an eye-catching color one or a special edition. Whatever the case is, this bag always catches looks and becomes the pièce de résistance of any look.

The Evening Clutch
Another basic is a good evening clutch. This bag should go well together with any elevated look and should be sober enough to make it into a formal event but wow enough to have the feeling of etiquette drawn around it. As it’s a bag you’ll probably not wear too often we suggest investing in one that goes well with everything.

The Cross-Body
This is the perfect bag for those days when you’re on the run and need to do things fast. What we love the most about crossbody bags is that they allow for a hands-free approach- which can be sorely needed at times- but it also serves as an eye catching detail for any look. You can go all out with something flashy (like in the picture) or you can use more neutral colors.

The Roomy Tote
Roomy totes are the perfect bag to have. They can be used as the main event bag or as a carry-all tote for those days when you need a little extra space. If you’re a new mom it can also serve as the perfect diaper bag, so it’s definitely a must-have for any woman.

The Travel Bag
This is an important one to have. Even though a good tote can make the job, a weekender bag is the most important bag to have by far. It’s big enough to pack for a couple of days without it having the size of a carry-on and it’s way easier to move with. Plus, it’s way prettier!