6 Trends To Try If You're Bored Of Your Jeans

We all know that jeans are the safest choice to look effortless and cool, but it really is worth changing your look from time to time! We really love adding more extravagant and risky pieces to look amazing and different every day. The great news is that we are here to guide you and teach you what clothes to wear when you want to change your look!

Cargo Pants

We're definitely talking about a relic from the Y2K era that made a huge comeback this season. This icon is recognizable by its roomy silhouette and numerous pockets and hits its stride in summer when the baggy silhouette can be contrasted with a slim, lightweight top. We love that it can be crafted in denim or in a lot of different colors that make these pieces ultra versatile.

See-through dresses

Lately fashion has left little to the imagination. Our love for the sheer dress came from the post-pandemic wave of dressing up and trying “the new sexy look”, aka that precise desire to go out and get dressed up wearing bold colors and transparencies and we are obsessed. 

Maxi Skirts

While the mini skirt has reigned a lot the past seasons, this year is the year for the maxi, which is a front-running trend this spring. There are a lot of different outfits you can make with this exceptional basic, we promise you will look effortless and extremely chic, from laidback and boho to experimental and futuristic.

Silver Pants

Yes, Silver pants are trending not only in TikTok, but everywhere! And this is your sign to start wearing them asap! Maybe you’ll think that is an article very difficult to style, but is actually easy, you can wear them with a t- shirt, vests and sneakers or it can be the ideal night out look with a monochromatic shoe and a white crop top. 

Bermuda Shorts

We have seen a lot of Bermuda shorts and blazers that can be traced back to '70s safari vibes, '80s power suits and definitely this summer is going to be full of this trend. Bermuda shorts are going to be your best ally, they are a piece who is not only timeless but is very versatile, we recommend you pair them with a fitted top. 


Trousers scream chic! This item is a must have in every girl's closet, why? Is perfect for every season, it goes with  absolutely everything and it can be the piece that elevates your look in the most  sophisticated but cool way.