6 Tips To Refresh Your Relationship

Let’s face it… Sometimes relationships need a little refreshing to keep things interesting‑ and trust us, it doesn’t matter how happy you are‑ it’s just a normal part of any relationship cycle. So in order to keep your relationship very hot and very much alive, you need to follow these 6 tips so it lasts forever. Are you ready to find out? Keep reading…

Be Spontaneous
All great stories begin with a super spontaneous plan, and what better companion for any adventure than your partner? Spontaneity is one of the funniest and most entertaining things there is, and one always appreciates that the other person has initiative and wants to propose new ideas and plans to have an incredible time. Anything that breaks out of the ordinary counts. Booking a staycation is a perfect way to give them a chance to reset their day and to enjoy vacations without the planning. The best part of hotels? The spa and room service, of course. 

Date Night
We know this seems like an obvious one. But most people don’t realize the importance of date night. And after a while, it is absolutely normal for relationships to fall into a routine, in which more often than not date night‑ in the get dressed up kind of way‑ has been forgotten. Research shows that date night makes couples more likely to succeed. This is all due to the fact that it fosters communication, increases feelings of intimacy, decreases the chances of taking each other for granted, builds attachment and decreases stress.

Make Plans
Sometimes relationships can be a bit monotonous- we've all been there, don't sweat it. And yes, who doesn’t love Netflix and chill? But there are times when laziness to plan things can make things feel repetitive. We suggest you sit with your partner and organize something new; make a random plan whether it is a getaway to a town near the city or perhaps something simpler. Take a weekend to getaway together or spend it playing tourists in your own city, just remember the point is being together. 

Encourage Deep Conversations
All relationships after a certain amount of time develop into a deep sense of comfort in which silence can also begin to feel very comfortable. Maybe you spend hours with your cell phone watching social media, and then you realize that you haven’t talked in hours (believe me it has happened to all of us). But there is an easy way to fix it, you literally just have to ask the right questions. Try to find out about his day, about work, etc. Being interested in things that he likes isn’t just nice and right, it also motivates him to talk about deep topics with you which will in turn allow each other to air your feelings on a regular basis. You can literally spend hours talking and reconnecting like never before.

Play Games
A great tip to refresh the relationship (that also can help in the beginning to get to know each other better) is to play a fun game! Games help bring you together and know each other more profoundly. You might never realize how competitive the other person is until you play a game of settlers with them‑ trust us, we’ve been there. Whatever game you choose, remember that the point of all this is to have fun, connect and get to know your partner better and more intimately. 

Get A Common Hobby
Everyone needs a hobby in their life. It keeps you relaxed and makes life enjoyable. What better idea than to have a common hobby, something you both greatly enjoy doing together. This could be anything. Literally anything, the sky's the limit. A painting class, hiking, cooking lessons, dancing classes, learning a new language, whatever works for you both! The point of this is to bring you closer by sharing something you love in a different environment.