6 Things You Should Source From The Men's Department

Let’s face it, finding that perfect oversized fit can be hard. But we have the perfect solution for you, and it’s been right in front of your eyes this whole time. The menswear section is the perfect place to shop for a few of your statement pieces. But of course, what should you go for? Keep reading to find out!

There’s something about a woman in an oversized blazer that immediately gives her a chic and sophisticated feeling. Just as with dress shirts you’ll have so many options to choose from and it will have the perfect oversized fit to it!

Bomber Jackets
Bomber jackets are pretty much a unisex clothing item, however the men’s bombers have a way better fit and an overall cooler vibe since the whole piece is a bit less structured than the women’s. You’ll live in this jacket!

Boyfriend style jeans are everywhere this year so, how about getting a real pair of them? Head to the men’s department for the perfect pair of jeans. Embrace that oversized look that’s trending right now and just cut the length if they’re far too long for you. You’ll thank us later.

Men’s tshirts are usually thicker and way less form‑fitting which gives them the perfect feeling and fit. What we love the most is that they’re usually less expensive or they can even come in packs!

Buttons downs
We all love a good button down‑ in any of its presentations‑ and we love the relaxed look they add to any outfit when they have that perfect amount of oversized. If you want to get that perfect look without trying, a men’s button down can have that effect for you. You also have so many more options than in the women’s section.

You don’t need to spend a ton of time or money in order to find the perfect oversized sweater, you just need to cross over into the men’s side and you’ll hit the jackpot! Also, this is one of the things that can usually be better quality for menswear.