6 Steps To Take For A Greener Life

Today is Earth day, and in order to celebrate it we thought about how we could make our day to day better for the environment. It can sometimes be hard to manage to live a fully green life, but there’s definitely ways to incorporate adjustments for the sake of the planet into our day to day life.
We prepared a guide with 6 simple steps you can include in your daily routine in order to live a greener life.

Get informed
The first, and most important step is to get informed. As bombarded with information as we are these days, there are things that we still don’t know our way around. Getting informed about climate and world affairs can lead you to become a more environmentally concerned citizen. Get informed, get involved.

Charging your phone during the day
Many of us (ourselves included) are used to charging our phones during the night, which as comfortable as it is might not be the best idea. After your phone is done charging, your charger keeps sucking out electricity for hours and hours which ends up being a real waste. Plug it in during the early night while you’re winding down, that’ll save lots of energy and give your battery a longer life expectancy.

Regrow your vegetable scraps
Did you know that you can regrow some of the vegetables you buy? If you didn’t, now you know. It’s simple, all you need is water and sunlight. For example, by potting and watering the bottoms of your green onions you can have a fresh, brand new plant in as little as two weeks. Potatoes and normal onions can also be grown, and once you start with your own personal home garden you can continue adding others into it!

Reduce your water waste
We’ve all seen the ads where they encourage us to turn the water off when we’re brushing our teeth right? Well, it’s really as simple as that. At least a quarter of the world does not have access to clean drinkable water and saving any ounce of it greatly helps. Be mindful of the effect that wasting that water has on nature and on other’s lives and situations as well. Whatever water you can save and reuse, do it. It’s a simple step that you can easily incorporate into your day to day routine, it might not seem like much, but we promise it really does make a difference overall.

Turn your electronics off
Energy conservation is one of the most important steps you can take in order to live a greener life. It’s easy and simple, and yet super effective when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint in the world. Leaving your unessential electronics plugged in when you’re not using them uses a massive amount of energy. It’s as easy as unplugging them from the wall when you’re not using them. Believe it or not, that can make one of the biggest changes in your path to a greener existence.