6 Self-Love Hacks For A Balanced 2023

2023 should be all about self‑love and finding ourselves, because how can you give love to anyone else if you can’t give it to yourself. We know it’s easier said than done, which is why we’re here to give you some hacks to make 2023 the best.

Take a digital detox
We know it can be hard to ditch your phone for hours on end but tech disconnect sessions can greatly improve your mental health and self appreciation. Take some time to disconnect each day and create a stress relieving/grounding ritual to reconnect with yourself. We recommend journaling as a start for this task and you can see where it takes you from there‑ who knows what might come from it!

Use sense hacking
Our body has 5 senses for a reason, they tell your brain about the surroundings and make it act accordingly. In short, it helps your brain decide how you feel at any given moment. By stimulating your senses to be happy you can create a better ambience‑ at home, at work, you name it. So if you’ve had a hard day, hack your senses with a candle, fragrance and meditation, it works we promise!

Skincare routine = self‑love time
If you’ve been following us for some time now‑ or even a little while‑ you already know by now we love skincare and everything beauty. For us it translates into a moment of relaxation and complete surrender to ourselves. It’s a lovely pampering session! Make an effort to stick to it every night, we promise it’s the perfect thing to promote self‑love!

Practice gratitude & manifestation
Studies prove that being thankful for the little things can help you be healthier, sleep better and keep your heart in check. There are so many things to be grateful for, whether it’s a cup of coffee, a good morning text or your day being sunny. Our favorite way to practice gratitude is to keep a journal by keeping a note of something that makes you happy each day and that makes you feel grateful.

Make time for the ones you love
Studies show that being around people you love‑ even if it’s just to eat with them‑ betters your mental health while helping you deal with stress better. So take some time to make some dates‑ go bowling, grab a coffee, go for a walk, go eat together or simply have a long phone call with your nearest and dearest. And even if you can’t get everyone’s calendars to align, take yourself on those dates too (preferably outdoors so you can ground yourself).

Clean spaces are your friends
Cleaning is definitely a chore that can prove stressful for many, but studies show that clean spaces help promote decluttered brains. Organizing your closet, beauty and skincare items as well as other things you need/use on a daily basis can help your brain create a routine easier and that will help you save time, money and energy in the long run!