6 Key Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Trends come and go, but style remains according to Carolina Herrera. And those words could not be truer. There are certain pieces in your closet that become key players when it comes to dressing, and if you have them your possibilities become endless. Not only do these pieces not go out of fashion ever, but they will also help you beat that “I have nothing to wear” feeling us women so often face. Keep reading to discover what the 6 key pieces you need in your closet are!

The Striped Sweater
It’s been ages since the navy and white Breton became a wardrobe staple, and it still is to this day. And the reason for all this allure around the striped sweater is because it’s rooted in its stylish effortlessness. You can pair one with virtually anything, for example jeans, pants, coats and trenches.

The Relaxed Trouser
A relaxed, well fitted and tailored trouser is an impeccably chic addition to your wardrobe, and a key piece you’ll wear over and over again because of their effortless mood. They hold the balance between being comfortable and looking well put together. You can dress them up or down, and they work great with everything from a t‑shirt to an oversized button down.

The Classic Jeans
Simple and with just a little bit of vintage inspiration, classic straight‑leg jeans can be worn with everything. And we mean everything, from a blazer and heels to a t‑shirt and loafers, we promise you’ll live in these.

The White Button Up
The white button up shirt is the one of the most important pieces one can own. Whether it’s for an office‑ready look or a more relaxed fit, this piece is key. It’s a timeless foundation piece that you’ll wear over and over again. And what we mean by foundation piece is that it’s the perfect base to work off of when building an outfit.

The Easy Summer Dress
These are an absolute basic for any wardrobe. This is your “get out of jail” card when you have nothing to wear. It’s a dress you’ll wear over and over again and you can wear it for various occasions. While we adore a good print or a statement color, we recommend a cute floral in neutral colors or a simple white or black statement dress.

The Tailored Blazer
The blazer has a lot of history, and throughout it it has been able to evolve into one of your wardrobe’s greatest assets. It is one of the strongest styling essentials you can have, which is why splurging in a good piece is the best idea. It has the power to take on any form and work flawlessly for any occasion, wear it for the evening or use it to elevate an everyday look, the options are limitless.