6 Heels You Need In Your Closet And How To Style Them

Heels are a girl's best friend right? Or was it diamonds? Whatever, who cares anyways. Heels are a basic part of any woman’s closet, but there are different heels for specific places and moments in life.
It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what goes and what doesn’t when it comes to heels, and while we do believe that some ‑fashion‑ rules are made to be broken we still wanted to help you out. So we created this guide to help you decode each heel and how to style them. Tap next to discover the 6 heels you need in your closet.

D’ Orsay
There is nothing more flattering than a D’Orsay heel. The lines and curves in the design of the shoe, as well as the open side make it a very feminine heel, but most of all it helps the legs look elongated and frankly endless. These heels are perfect to show off, and they deserve to be. Even though they can be worn with virtually anything, these are perfect for short or midi skirts and dresses or good old palazzo pants. The possibilities are endless.

Who doesn’t love platforms? They are an item that you have to have in your closet‑ no questions asked‑ because we don’t know if you knew this but, they are the hottest heels of the moment, (thanks to Versace and Valentino). But we love them because they are a good fit for everyone, plus they make you look tall and with ultra long legs. Who could ever say no to legs for days?

Stilettos are a basic in your closet, why you might ask? Let us tell you. These slick, tall, thin heels are probably one of the most iconic heel shapes ever. They are elegant, feminine and sexy and they perfectly complete any outfit. From dresses to pants and everything in between there’s no look that you can’t turn into a power look with these babies. A pair of black or nude stilettos are the perfect choice for your first pair, but if you’re looking for something a bit more special you can add a pop of color‑ think Valentino pink or orange or something that really catches the eye.

Another essential shoe option for your closet are mules. Mules first appeared on the scene just a few years back, and right now, we can’t imagine life without them. They instantly elevate every look and for our luck, they literally can go with everything and they give a more stylish alternative to you every day look.

Kitten Heels
Kitty heels are a must have item in your closet, we are going to explain why… They’re that shoe that can be hyper versatile, you can wear them literally with everything, from the most casual looks like cargo pants and a tank top to your go to work outfit or even to a fancy dinner. This is because it helps elevate everything to a whole new level. The best thing? They are very, very comfortable.

Mary Janes
Will there ever be a more iconic shoe than the Mary Jane? These shoes have a lot of history; before they were called ‘bar’ shoes and were worn mostly by children in the late 19th and early 20th century. In 1904, they became known as Mary Janes, named after the cartoon character Buster Brown and his sweetheart Mary Jane, and since then a lot of designers have transformed these shoes and made them a must have in every fashionista closet‑ it’s one of Carrie Bradshaw's favorites btw.