5 Tips From Mom To Mom

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in many ways they’re right. No one teaches you how to be a mother, and if you’re a new one you’re probably scouring the internet for tips and advice. That is why we’ve put together a guide with 5 life saving tips from mom to mom. 

Trust your gut and give yourself grace 

You were created with the tools you need to be a mom, so trust yourself when you get gut feelings. If you feel like something is not quite right, take action. And if you feel like everything is going well, then stay on course. Remember “mother knows best”. Having said this, remember that parenting is a learn-as-you-go job and there is no manual on how to do things. You’ll have to accept the reality that you’ll probably never have it all figured out. Give yourself grace to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Don’t rush your recovery and take care of yourself 

Even though female bodies are made to bounce back, the time one body needs is never the same as the other. Listen to what your doctor says and what your body is trying to tell you. Don’t rush your recovery and give yourself the proper time to heal. Take some time for yourself- your wellbeing is just as important as your kids’. 

Chart your own path 

Everyone will have an opinion on how you will raise your kids. Remember that how you parent is completely up to you and your partner. At the end of the day what matters is that your kid is healthy, nurtured, loved and well taught on how to grow into a good person, the path you choose in order to reach that point is completely up to you. While we encourage you to find your path, remember that not all advice is bad and take the pieces that actually work for you and your parenting journey. 

Don’t compare yourself to other moms

Like everything in life, comparing yourself to others can be an extremely dangerous and hurtful process. Especially when it comes  to something as personal as raising a child, we each have a different perspective that comes from our own experience being raised up by our parents, and then factors like character also come into play. No mom is the same and that is perfectly fine! Don’t look around and compare yourself, concentrate on creating your own way. 

Remember that nothing goes as planned 

This is a good one for life in general, but particularly for mothers. Don’t get frustrated by things not happening the way you had them planned. It’s a rare moment when birth, labor, delivery and everything that comes after goes exactly like it was sketched out. Be accepting of what comes and try to relax as you navigate through it.