5 Colors You Should Rock For Fall

Now that Fashion Week has come to an end we’ve been left with key trends, elements and ‑most importantly‑ colors. We took a dive into the runways to come up with the key colors for the rest of 2023. Are you ready to know which they are? Keep reading to find out.

Dove Grey
This pantone is one we saw in abundance and not only on the runways, the streets were also flooded with it! From skirts to tops and coats, this tone will be worn in many ways and we’re sure it’ll be the tone for inventive wearers and looks.

Icy Blue
Frosty, icy blue is another color trend that dominated both on the streets and on the runways. What we love the most about it, you might ask, is that you can find so many options out there to make your autumn outfits really pop!

Fiery Red
Also known lately as “lipstick red” this vibrant hue is quickly making its way through the fashion ranks. And quite frankly this is the dominant color for the season, no take backs. You can choose to wear it from head to toe, or you can add statement pieces into your look if you’d rather go a bit more slowly.

It’s not unusual for brown to make its way into Fall dressing, but this time around we’re seeing it in a specific pantone: sepia. This color will bring those warm and earthy tones we so much crave for Autumn.

Snow White
White is a color that is always around no matter the season, trust us we know. But it had a particularly prominent spot this season in the runways. From Prada to Ferragamo this shade of white was ever present. It seems that “no white after Labor Day” is officially not a rule anymore.