4 Simple Ways You Can Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs This Summer

Summer is here and so are sun dresses and short shorts, but for some it also means not wanting to show off your legs. Strawberry legs are a way more common problem than you would imagine and we’re here to tell you how to get rid of them in 4 simple steps.

Dry Brushing
Preventing strawberry legs actually starts a couple days before shaving or waxing. Dry brushing will not only do wonders for your circulation, but it will also help you gently start exfoliating your skin without it being super abrasive.

If there’s a word to repeat in all this it’s exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Whether it’s a glove or an actual scrub, try exfoliating once a week to keep the problem at bay. We promise you will soon start noticing the change. Remember that you have to be gentle, scrubbing harder only adds irritation into the mix.

Chemical Exfoliant
This one might sound a bit much but trust us, it’s way simpler than it seems. Having a chemical exfoliant once a month will help the problem stay away and nip those strawberry legs at the bud. Think of it as more of a leg mask than any other thing.

After exfoliating you always need to moisturize correctly. Helping your skin to stay properly hydrated is part of the job. You can always count on a good old ceramides cream but if your problem is consistent then we recommend helping fight against it with a cream that includes salicylic acid and vitamin D as well.