12 Accessory Must‑Haves In Any Closet

Accessories are the best‑ and easiest‑ way to elevate any outfit. Regardless of the season or occasion there are several staples that should always be present in your closet. Having them can make even a capsule wardrobe feel like you have way more options and adds versatility into the mix. Here are the 12 accessory must‑haves for your closet:

Chain Belt
Belts are one of the most versatile accessories out there. You can style them in multiple ways; over a blazer to add shape, over a dress to add contrast, the possibilities are endless. A classic belt in a neutral color is always a good idea, but we are putting down a chain belt as the ultimate option because it’s an easy‑to‑wear statement piece that will elevate and complete every look‑ no matter the occasion or the look.

Baguette Bag
A leather handbag never ceases to make an impression. Much like clothes, bags have their unique persona and that tends to be a very personal choice. However, we recommend two things. The first is a baguette shaped bag, because even though it can play as an everyday bag it is easy to carry from day‑to‑night and through various occasions. Second, invest in it. Bags are accessories worth investing in, so choose wisely.

Basic Chucks
Every trendsetter girl has a pair of Classics Chuck Norris 70s in their closet. Why? It's no secret that the brand is iconic, they make designs that are just simple yet classic and wearable wherever you go, either if you go to the market, on vacation or at work. They are your best ally to look effortlessly cool.

Silk Scarf
No one should live without a silk scarf in their closet. They’re the ultimate styling piece to elevate any look. The versatility that a silk scarf brings is never ending. You can wear it around your neck, as a top, on your head, around your bag… you name it. We recommend getting one with colors that match the colors you have in your closet already‑ do not consider just your clothes, include your accessories too.

Strappy Sandals
As soon as spring arrives sun dresses, linen pants and others break out of our closets. The perfect companion for any of those are open toe strappy sandals. They’re versatile because you can tie them up in various ways, but we do recommend to go for neutral colors‑ black, brown, off white‑ if you want them to be a piece you can wear with everything.

Chunky Chain Necklace
As we said, no outfit is complete without a statement piece of jewelry. It’s an effortless detail that plays up and makes a statement unlike any other. Your safest bet is a classic, minimal design in gold or silver. But if you want to take it to the next level we suggest chunky chains in gold. Go big and bold, we promise gold always packs on a punch.

Loafers are a timeless piece worth having in your closet‑ which is why we suggest you get a pair if you don’t have any yet. They’re comfortable, elegant and really help tie an outfit together. If you want to go classic you can, some sleek black loafers should do the trick. But if you want a bit of a twist, you can get the chunky loafers you have seen all over your feed and pair them with some socks.

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps are more than just an accessory for sun protection, they have become a statement piece that carries an understandable trace of coolness. Whether it’s a simple block colored cap or something with a print, this accessory is sure to catch the eye. We love pairing it with oversized blazers for a relaxed and chic feeling.

“Ladies, frost yourselves” is probably one of the most iconic phrases from the romcom How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. Jewelry, like frosting, is the perfect way to elevate and add to a look. No outfit is complete without a statement piece of jewelry, which is why we recommend investing in a good pair of golden hoops. They’re the perfect item to take from day‑to‑night and can be used no matter the occasion.