8 Hidden Gems In Mexico City You Should Know

The first thing you notice about Mexico City is its sheer size. A City this size obviously has many, many different things to do and places to see which can easily make some places go unnoticed.

It would take a lifetime‑ and then some‑ to get to know every place in Mexico City, but we wanted this guide to become a starting point. Here are the 8 hidden gems in the City you should definitely know.

Anónimo is located in Condesa. It's a small restaurant with a small menu, but everything on it is executed to perfection. The Chef balances classic Italian recipes and puts a bit of Mexican flavor into some of the plates, creating a beautiful demonstration of the mix of cultures. Their wine list and mixology is also on point.

Tokyo Bar
After dinner you can seek a nightcap at Tokyo bar. Vinyl music and classic‑inspired drinks are what create the perfect winning combination for this place since everything revolves around music and drinks in this place. You can easily distinguish the small Japanese details ever present in the decoration, beginning with the glassware.

This restaurant is owned by Elly, a NY chef that decided the place to be was Mexico City. She prepares Mediterranean influenced dishes integrating Mexican seasonal ingredients into each one. Grab a place at the Chef’s counter and enjoy their well curated wine list or grab a cocktail, we promise you’ll love it.

Chef Oswaldo Oliva comes from a long list of Michelin star restaurants in Spain, and he brought all that education into Alelí. Here you can find the best comfort food like bbq ribs, grilled fish in adobo sauce or octopus tostadas with all the benefits of a starred restaurant‑ the excellent table service and the impeccable execution‑ without having to worry about all the fuss that comes with fine dining.

Le Tachinomi Desu
If you’re considering going to Tokyo Music Bar this might just be the place for you to stop before for dinner. This tiny place is one of the best Japanese style bars in the city, and a well kept secret. This standing bar‑ quite literally a standing bar since there’s not enough space to put chairs in‑ will leave you coming back any time you can.

This small restaurant that doesn’t take reservations has a very short menu but it will still captivate you. Their breakfast sandwiches have everything to be a crowd pleaser, and their seasonal pies are simply mouth watering. If you’ve been noticing that a lot of restaurants are creating their own take of the Aperol it’s because they’re taking notes on Cicatiz’s Yoko. Come and enjoy their day or night menu and tell us which one you enjoyed the most.

Loup Wine Bar
If you come early in the evening you can enjoy Loup bar’s exceptional wine list (made only from small producers in Mexico, France, Italy and Austria) alongside their dinner menu. Their beef tartare or aioli calamari are some of the favorites and the casual atmosphere makes it the perfect place to go to with friends. As the night progresses you might want to start enjoying their wines by the glass.

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and good coffee and bread is what you’re after, Forte is the place for you. In the morning you can find different blends and fresh bread that will make the biggest coffee geeks happy. And come the afternoon you can find sandwiches and once a week a pizza night good enough to die for. Their Mexican craft beer, wines and ciders selection is incredible.