Spring Summer 2021 Color Palette

For all those winter haters, we are so glad to tell you that spring is just about to start!

This will be the season of the future: positivity, awakening and hope. Soft hues, timeless darks and cheerful brights will conquer your home and streets.

  • Optic white, refreshing and opened to new beginnings.
  • Unbleached, organic and sustainable.
  • Distilled pastels, integrity and clear messages.
  • Daylight blue, versatile and trustworthy.
  • Lilac, feminine and romantic.
  • Silvered green, new and modern.
  • Yellow, happy and contemporary.
  • Mango sorbet, energetic and optimistic.
  • Hyper-Brights, escapism and boldness.
  • Black, classic and sophisticated.

Remember to always wear the colors that make you feel yourself.

With love, Turquoise Team